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Vernon & Laurie Oliver - January 15, 2018
I was very pleased with Vittorio's mortgage services. He was very professional and efficient getting a mortgage that met are needs with a low percentage. Always would answer an questions or concerns you had. Any time he would answer the phone or call you back right away. His staff was very pleasant to deal with. I would recommend Vittorio to anyone looking for a mortgage. He's a great guy with a lot of ambition and willing to go out of his way to make your mortgage work.

Patrick Nay - Calgary - Jan 15,2018
We had just recently moved back to Canada and were new to Alberta. Vittorio helped us get approved for our mortgage with the interest rate we wanted and with the lender. He really delivered. I highly recommend him if you want to have a smooth and informative mortgage process. Thanks again Vittorio!

Rhonda Goldie - January 15, 2018
Vittorio and his team are very knowledgeable an up to date on all the new and changing rules. They will research and find the best deal for you, given any life situation. While doing this they make you feel like family.

Would highly recommend centum, Vittorio and his team.

Robert Verardi - Calgary - December 2017
Working with Vittorio and Centum allowed me to concentrate on my home for my kids, it was a pleasure working with Vittorio and Centum and I would recommend Vittorio to anybody that is looking for a new mortgage. Vittorio know his stuff and has helped me and my family through the process

Diane Hawreliak - Calgary
Vittorio was absolutely fantastic, always quick to respond, listened to my needs and gave me options I didn't even know we're possible. He made what could have been a very difficult process very simple and stress free!

Ashley Sutherland - Lethbridge
August of this year 2016, I had the pleasure of meeting Vittorio here at Centum. They helped me secure a very low interest rate on my first mortgage for my first house and made the seemingly impossible and stressful process of buying a home into an experience that was so easy for me. Thank You so much for making me feel like Family in my new City. My wife and I are so happy with our new house! Vittorio is such a refreshing person to chat with. So knowledgeable yet down to earth and genuine too. Thanks again!

Mary Ann Klassen - Lethbridge
Vittorio and Karen were amazing to work with. They always accommodated my hours and answered all my questions thoroughly, sometimes even two or three times.
They made getting a mortgage not so scary. Having a single income it is harder to qualify for a decent size mortgage but Vittorio always finds a way or a workaround to get you owning! I recommend him to anyone especially those paying rent because a mortgage really is cheaper than rent!

Mauro Cattoni - Lethbridge
Vittorio, Centum Professional was very patient and thorough in helping understand the best mortgage options that facilitated the acquisition of a mortgage at great rate (lowest)! This is more true as I am a SPECIAL NEEDS Client who is hard of hearing and disadvantaged mentally because of a neurological disease! The patience he demonstrated in helping me understand what is best was very much appreciated. Vittorio, extinguished that anxiety and fear to help me make the best decision to an outstanding mortgage.

Margaret Wheeler - Calgary
Vittorio, it has now been a year since you arranged my mortgage I know that you worked hard to get me such a great rate. I realized that I had not sent you a proper thank you, even though I meant to do that.
Please know how much I appreciate all your effort on my behalf and I am extremely grateful.
Take care of yourself you are a very special person.

Kent Geddes - Calgary
Thanks to Vittorio and his staff for excellent service in securing a very detailed refinancing for me. They have taken a load of stress off and I am so thankful for their great work. An awesome company and incredible service.

Bella Girimonte - Calgary
Alex & I cannot begin to express how thankful we are that Vittorio at Centum helped us get our mortgage after everything we had gone through. We owe you so much & we couldn't be happier with the way we were treated. Thank you, thank you, and thank you!

Heather Just - Warner
Vittorio, thanks for all you do! You certainly have gone the distance for us! You are the best of the best!

Christine Beaugrand - Calgary
Thank you for all your excessively hard work you put into this mortgage! Everything is done and I am now a home owner! You were miracle workers and I do appreciate all the extra effort you put into this...I am absolutely positive this was a hard one for you and you rose to the challenge! My family is grateful!

Harvey Rumsey - Warner
Hi Vittorio
I want to thank you and your team for putting up with us, especially when we got cranky when it seemed that things were not going our way. You all acted very professional and I will be pleased to put your name forward as a reputable company to deal with.

Livi - Lethbridge
I've been meaning to e-mail you for months now, I’m so embarrassed. I just wanted to thank you for all your time and trouble with getting us a mortgage. It’s so nice to be home owners again after a few years in the States, and it wouldn't have been possible without you. We still can’t believe you were able to pull it off with Jim on sick leave. Thankfully our situation is better now and we love our home. We will definitely recommend you to friends. Thanks again, I’m truly grateful (I know you’ll say you were just doing your job, but your job totally must be miracle worker then).

Rick - Lethbridge
As first time home buyers, I had no clue where to go, I original was told to go to my local bank, I went and after speaking to them, I felt that I was not being taking seriously. Yes I was young, but I had a dream of owning a home. I just needed some guidance, Thank god I came across your website and the information allowed me to know what I was getting myself into. I called and Centum was fantastic, the first question they asked, is this your first home? When I answered yes, Vittorio stated that he was going to go through everything and make sure that everything went well.

From the application process to the moving in, Vittorio and his team, helped me with every detail. I went in to get a mortgage, instead I received an experience that I would be more than happy to do it again. Vittorio personally introduce me to his team and was able to find me a realtor that made sure that the house was perfect, an insurance person to make sure that my house insurance was in order to a lawyer who specialist in real estate to make sure my closing went smooth.

Everything that need to be done, it was done. Centum even contact the lawyer on the day of the funding to make sure they were no questions.

Thank you Vittorio and the Centum Group, you were excellent and I highly recommend Centum Professional Mortgage Group.

Karen & Jeff - Lethbridge
Once again Vittorio you and your staff have exceeded our expectations. Your service was speedy and covered all our needs. We are very happy to have you as our broker, and have recommended you happily to others. We put our mortgage in your hands and you delivered 10 fold, Thank you so much.

Steve - Calgary
Thank you so much Centum Professional Mortgage Group (CPMG) You did something that I know nobody would do, you helped a family that need to get their mortgage and get their credit fixed up, Vittorio, you and your team worked very hard and I was so pleased with the result, that I made it my dedication to make sure that people hear about you and the use your great service. Centum Professional Mortgage Group ROCKS.
Thank You!!!!

Jenn - Calgary
Thank so much Centum Professional Mortgage Group, especially Vittorio, you did a great job, you were able to put together the mortgage that I needed, I went to other brokers, and all they talk about was that the mortgage was too small and they had to charge a massive fee. I felt that the fee was more important than I was, and I decided that there was no hope. I even went to my bank but the interest rate that they were offering was too high, You were able to look at my situation and with just a few conversation, I walked away with a fantastic mortgage and the feel that somebody was listing to me. Thank you again CPMG and I know that I will be back.

Cindy - Calgary
Thank you again Vittorio you helped an old lady get her life back, your continued support after we got our mortgage, was nothing more than amazing.

After my husband died, I felt that everything was going downhill, but with your help, you were able to take care of all the things that sometimes are not done. You helped me talk to the lender to make sure that they gave me the time that I needed and helped me with all the paper work that need to be done.

I thank you again, your Centum Group are above the rest, and you are the best.

Thank you again

Ben - Magrath
Vittorio has been able to finance properties for us that the mainstream banks would not even try for. In addition, the interest rates they secure for us are very lucrative. Thank You for your hard work and determination I will dealing with you in the future.

Jay - Calgary
I was very happy with the service I got with Centum Professional Mortgage Group they were very helpful and found me a great deal on a mortgage. Every time I called to talk to CPMG everyone was very friendly and helpful. It was nice to know there are still people out there that will go out of their way to be helpful. I am living in my new house now and it is wonderful. Thanks Vittorio, It was a pleasure doing business with you.

Denise - Edmonton
I want to thank you Vittorio so much for your hard work and dedication to me, my property and all of the people I have sent to you for services. I feel like we are in such good hands! Thank you for helping us to succeed in our goals.

Kyle Richert - Calgary
Vittorio were amazing to deal with. Vittorio made sure I got an amazing rate and that I fully understood my mortgage before I left. Thanks for everything!

Gerry Dubinski - Lethbridge
Vittorio made moving on and upgrading to my second mortgage painless. They were very supportive and worked quickly to get it done, for there were time issues. Thank you!

Sandi Trockstad - Lethbridge
Great service provided! My husband and I were treated like family with his professionalism and courteous service. Vittorio found us the best possible rate and saved my husband and I a lot of running around to numerous banks to get the lowest rate. He explained the process clearly so we understood every step he was taking and what we would be committed to. The rate we ended up taking even was better than the Royal Bank could offer us who my husband had been a long-time customer off. I would recommend seeing Vittorio first when looking to get your first, second or multiple mortgages when you decide to commit to your huge investment! And best of all, his service was FREE!

Pat Sommerville - Saskatoon
I definitely recommend Vittorio Oliverio. We renewed our mortgage with Vittorio and he looked after everything for us!! There was nothing at all difficult about getting a mortgage at this company. We managed to get the best rate available, even better than my personal bank could offer me!! He's very professional, responds to your questions very quickly and promptly. He's also very good at explaining documents and being sure that what we were receiving is what we actually wanted! I wouldn't hesitate to use this company again in the future when I purchase my next residence!! Keep up the great work Vittorio!!