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Centum Professional Mortgage Group (CPMG) has become Lethbridge premier brokerage house. We pride ourselves in knowing our mortgage products inside and out. We will make sure that the mortgage you choose is not only the best rate available but it fits your life style. We believe that using CPMG for your mortgage needs will save you thousands of dollars not only on your 1st mortgage but also when you renew your mortgage as well. We are your first and last stop on saving on your mortgage. Don’t let your bank say NO to your mortgage. Call us and let us help you make the best decision of your life.

We have the expertise to make sure that your mortgage process goes smoothly and without worries. Refinance mortgages, Business for Self mortgages, No income qualifying mortgages, Private mortgages, Rental Mortgages, Investment Mortgages, 1st Time Home buyer’s mortgage, New to Canada Mortgages. We have done them all and we know how to put these types of mortgages together.

CPMG believes that everybody should have the opportunity to own a home. That is why we work very hard to make sure that if credit is an issue, we work with you to better your situation or offer different alternative in order to obtain your mortgage. In past, we have worked with many clients that had credit issue, and we were able to obtain a mortgage for them.

Feel free to talk to any of our associate and see what CPMG can do for you.